How to start a blog in India? The complete beginner’s guide.

how to start a blog in India

How to start a blog in India? The complete beginner’s guide.

Do you want to start a blog and earn money from it? 

Then keep reading this blog. I will teach you how to start a blog in India. 

A blog can be and many people are using it not only to make money but also as a marketing tool.

Did you know? In 2016 a survey found that about 47 percent of 5-star deluxe hotels used blogs as their marketing tool. So, it doesn’t matter if you starting a blog to make money or you have a business, blogging is for everyone.

But why blog? you can get rid of your 9 to 5. Be your own boss! You just require a laptop or pc and a strong internet connection.

I can guaranty, you can start a blog in India for less than 20 minutes.

Why start a blog? 

If you have good knowledge about something or some topic and you want to share it with others and also make money from it, YES! Both things are possible at the same time! Then you should start a blog. 

But why blog? You can solve other people’s problems from your posts. In addition, you can make money out of it.

Now it’s time to start your blog 

(note: this is a follow-along tutorial so open a new tab and start following my steps)

So, here are 6 essential steps to start a blog:

 Step 1: Choose your niche.

 Step 2: Buy a domain name and a hosting.

 Step 3: Setup your blog

 Step 4: Choose an attention-grabbing theme and essential plugins.

 Step 5: write your first blog and start posting quality content.

 Step 6: Bring traffic to your blog.

 Step 7: make money in India through blogging.

Step 1: Choose your niche:

The first necessary step in starting a blog is to choose a blog topic. This is a crucial part of blogging. This is the reason why most bloggers fail. You have to choose a blog topic in which you are interested as well as passionate about it. Don’t choose a niche because of its popularity. 

Passion + profit = profitable niche

You have to be niche specific. Niche means targeting a specific topic. Always remember google shows results what others are searching so, don’t choose a niche which doesn’t have potential, any search volume, or no one is searching for. Therefore, you have to choose a good niche.

Some examples of blogging ideas (niches) for Indian audience are:

Make money online


Food blog


Personal finance 

Health and fitness

Don’t combine different niches in one blog (if you post content about traveling and healthy recipes. your readers will be confused whether it’s a food blog or a traveling blog.)

You can follow my steps of choosing a niche-

Take a pen and paper and write down topics you are interested in and passionate about. You can also include your hobbies in it. Then search for google trends and see how well the topics are doing in which you are interested and then choose one of them.

You can also use Ahrefs keyword generator tool which is completely free and search for your niche and see its monthly volume (monthly searches) and keyword difficulty (KD represents how hard it is to rank blog posts on google).

Ask these questions to yourself while choosing a niche

Does it have a huge following on social media?

Does it have an existing audience?

How other bloggers are monetizing their blogs? (AdSense or affiliate marketing). 

Still, confused? Drop an email at I will solve your problem.

Step 2: Buy a domain name and a hosting.

Alright, after choosing your niche it’s time to buy a domain name and hosting.

Domain name:

  Domain name means the name of your website.

It can be divided into two parts

Domain name – trusted-income, Facebook, Google, surejob

Domain extension – .com, .net, .in, etc.

Choosing a domain name is just a simple task. Choose a name that is related to your niche. Domain should be easy to pronounce. It should not be too long. Don’t make it complicated just make it simple. Do not add numbers. it should be easy to remember and search.

While choosing a domain name you have to check the availability of that domain, same as choosing an email id or username for social media accounts.

You can use your name like you can use keywords in your domain like or If you want to build your brand then you can choose your domain name which does not exist and make it a brand.

Your readers should get your idea by looking at your website name that your blog is related to your niche. My domain name is so anyone can easily tell that this blog is related to making money.  

Consider, if your niche is related to pets then choose your domain name like and if your niche is related to tech then choose a domain name like

You got that idea! 

Always try to use .com TLD domain extension because it’s a popular one and it is available globally. If .com extension is not available then you can choose .net, .org, etc. and if you want to target the Indian audience then use .in domain extension.

Where to buy a domain name?

I always buy a domain from Namecheap because they offer the cheapest domains. They also give whois guard for free! It will cost you less than 500 rupees on purchasing your first domain.

Here is how you can buy a domain from Namecheap-

  1. First, go to 
  2. Then create an account.
  3. Search for your domain name and add to cart your domain. Then click on your cart.
  4. Use WELCOME30 (promo code) to get 30% off on your first domain.
  5. You can pay through PayPal, credit card or debit card.
  6. Pay and buy your domain.

You will get domain protection for free if you buy a domain from Namecheap. It makes our phone number, email id, and our Personal information private so nobody can see it. If you disable domain privacy anyone will able to call you and will see your personal information.


 Like your mobile gives you some space to save your photos, videos, files, and folders, hosting gives you some space to save your blogs, files, and information. 

There are 2 ways to start a blog –

  • Using free hosting
  • Paid one

Free hosting:

You can start a free blog using,, or but your domain name will look like this or As a result, it will look too lengthy.

 Your websites will not be in your control. Therefore, there will limitations in customizing your blog.

And your visitors will not trust you, just imagine you published a post about how to start a blog and you are saying buy a hosting to start a blog but you are using a free blogger platform and that’s why no one will take you seriously.

There will be limited server resources. Your website performance will be unstable. You will face technical issues and there is no technical support! 

  Paid hosting:

Paid hosting is affordable. It will cost you between 5000 to 8000 rupees (You have to think like this money you are spending it like investing and not as expense). It gives 24×7 support. You can customize your websites however you want. Your websites are in your control. 

You will get unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and much more!

If you want to choose a good hosting, I recommend siteground because it’s cheaper than other hostings, and siteground is way better than other hostings. Most of the bloggers host their websites on siteground because it is affordable and way cheaper than other hostings.

Siteground is also recommended by

siteground and WordPress are like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We all know websites are getting hacked a lot that’s why the siteground uses top-notch security. 

One thing I like about the siteground is their support. They are available 24/7 to help you. If you face any problem, they will solve your problem in just a minute. You can chat live with them or call them.

Which blogging platform should I choose? I’m not going to waste your time on this topic. Always choose WordPress because 1/3 of websites use WordPress and it’s easy to use.

So now it’s time to buy a hosting plan.

Firstly, go to siteground using this link

web hosting

You will see a screen like above click on web hosting.

web hosting plans

 Here you can see different web hosting plans. If you are hosting just one website then go with the first plan and if you are going to host more than one website then choose the second plan. I will recommend going with the second plan because you can host multiple websites in the future.

enter your domain name

Click on I already have a domain. Type in your domain name which we bought from and click on proceed.

Then you will see a congratulations message. Here you have to enter your email and a strong password and re-enter it. You will need this password for login (note down this credential).

Here you have to fill your personal information. 

Next, we have to fill in payment information. you can use a debit card or credit card. We can’t use the Rupay card as it is a domestic card. You will need an international debit or credit card like Mastercard or visa.

  choose a 12 months plan. 

Package extras: we don’t need an SG site scanner so untick it.

Tick both the options and click on pay now.

It will take a few minutes to the siteground to make the payment.

Congo! You have just bought a hosting and a domain name. Now you don’t fall under an “I’m thinking about to start a blog” category. 

After that, you will see a congratulation message.

Then you have to verify your phone number. Type in your phone number and click on next then you will receive a code on your phone. Copy your code paste it and click on next. 

Then you have to verify your credit card or debit card (the card you used for payment). Click on next and type the amount we spend on hosting as we chose grobig plan which cost us 119.88 USD. You can check the exact deducted amount from the mini statement and click on next.

Then you will screen like this click on “PROCEED TO CUSTOMER AREA”.

log in

Next, you have to log in to your siteground account using your email and password.

Step 3: Set up your blog:

Your siteground dashboard will look like this  

click on set up site

Don’t worry we still didn’t customize our blog. so, in the next step, we will install WordPress to customize our blog.

Click on “SET UP SITE”.

click on new site

Then click on start new website as we creating a new blog.

select wordpress

Select WordPress. Type in your email address and a strong password (note down this credential) and click on finish.

Now you will see a screen like this

DNS servers

Now we have to point our domain.

  1. As shown in the above image copy your name servers one by one.
  2. Open your Namecheap account go to your Namecheap dashboard 
  3. Then you will see your domain. Click on manage which is on the right side.
  4. Scroll down a bit you will see nameservers click on it and select custom DNS
  5. Paste your siteground DNS on your Namecheap custom DNS and click on save.
select custom DNS

It will say you that it will take 24 to 48 hours to work but the siteground is so fast so it will take 5 to 10 minutes to work.

The next thing we going to do is install an SSL certificate. To install an SSL certificate come back to your siteground dashboard and click om websites and then click on-site tools.

click on site tools

You will see a screen like this then click on SECURITY>SSL Manager.

Get SSL certificate

Select Let’s Encrypt and click on get. Then the siteground will install an SSL certificate for you and it’s completely free!

Step 4: Choose an attention-grabbing theme and essential plugins.

Now it’s time to choose themes and installing some important plugins. To do this we need to log in to our WordPress account

You can log in to your WordPress account by typing (Exchange yourwebsite with your actual domain name).

Then you will see a screen like this-

exit from procedure

Click on exit.

Your WordPress dashboard will look like this-

wordpress dashboard

The theme is the layout or design of your blog. it changes the style of your website. Choosing a theme is not rocket science. If you choose a cracked or bad theme your website will load slowly and you will face other technical issues. 

To choose a theme click on appearance>themes

You can see 3 themes that are already installed by WordPress. These three themes are popular but we are not going to use them because these themes are popular but not good. So, we need to install a new theme click on add new button which is on the top.

add new themes

After clicking on it you will see a bunch of different themes. Also, there are filters you can choose from like featured, popular, latest, and favorites. if you like any of these themes you can preview it to see how it looks and if you liked how it looks then you can install it and activate it.

Confused about choosing a theme?

If you are confused about which theme to choose, I will recommend the oceanWP theme which I use. It’s very easy to customize. Also, it has more than 4000 reviews on it.

After installing the theme, we need to install some necessary plugins.

add new plugins

You will there are two plugins already installed by WordPress.

The first one is SG Optimizer this plugin is from Siteground. Do not deactivate or delete this plugin because this plugin is only for siteground users. This plugin will make your site light and easy to access.

The second one is WordPress starter. We don’t need it so delete this plugin.

  1. To install plugins, follow these following steps-
  2. Click on plugins and click on add new.
  3. Search for your desired plugin.
  4. Click on install now.
  5. Click on activate.

some important plugins-

Yoast SEO- This plugin is one of the best plugins used for on-page SEO.

Akismet Anti-spam- this plugin will protect your websites from spam comments.

WP smush- adding images to your blogs is a great way to make your blogs visual but the problem is images take a lot of storage which will load your site slowly and it will affect rankings on google. This plugin will smush all the images on your website and load your website faster.

Elementor- elementer is useful to create and edit your websites or web pages.

Mailchimp for WordPress- MailChimp is widely used to do email marketing also to send messages to your email subscribers.

Monsterinsights- This plugin is used to connect your website to your google analytics account.

Step 5: write your first blog and start posting quality content.

Now it’s time post quality content. To write your first blog click on posts>Add new.

add new post

Then you will see a screen like this you can add title, insert images, videos, text, etc. for the first blog, you can introduce yourself or write an article related to your niches like if your niche is health and fitness. You can write an article about weight loss or weight gain. 

click on publish

After writing your blog click on publish. And your blog post will go live! Writing quality content comes with experience so keep practicing.

How should come up with blog ideas?

You can see what your competitors are doing. Also see what type of articles they are publishing.

Step 6: Bring traffic to your blog.

You can bring traffic to your blog through many ways from social media to organic to inorganic.

Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and Pinterest are some social media platforms to bring traffic to your website.

The main way to bring traffic to your blog is through google by doing SEO (search engine optimization). SEO will improve your website ranking on google fastly. some people bring traffic to their blog through Pinterest by pinning their content and some people bring traffic to their blog through Quora by answering questions. So, it depends on you to choose a source of traffic.

Check out this SEO guide to bring traffic to your blog organically from google.

Step 7: make money in India through blogging.

Now I going to show you how to monetize your blog and make money. 

Google AdSense- you can display ads on your blog to make money. Whenever someone clicks on ads displayed on your blog you will make a small amount of money. You will need approval from AdSense to start making money.

Affiliate marketing- In affiliate marketing, you promote other company’s or people’s products, and when someone buys you will get a commission.

Digital products- you can sell eBooks, photographs, blueprints, and many more

Courses- if you are good at teaching then you can create a course by teaching others.

Wrap up

To sum up, there is no way just to search how to start a blog in India and not taking action towards blogging. You need to take action to make money. I regret myself for not doing anything and not action towards my blogging journey. I wasted 3 months just overthinking about blogging and I got paralysis by analysis. But now I’m passionate about blogging.

So, don’t overthink start taking actions! 

If you face any problems related to blogging drop an email at 

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